Gather superior in-app feedback

Allow today your users and testers to provide you comments
and drawable screenshots in less than 15 seconds.

Download our iOS SDK for free.

1. Create project

Once registered, you'll have access to a personal space where you will be able to manage your mobile applications you want to test or currently in test (or even those already on the market but that you want to improve). Simply give a name to your application, download our SDK for iOS, configure and install it and, before you even know it, you're good to go.


3. Get results

In-app feedback means comments, suggestions, screenshots and so on. Gather them through your personal space, manage them and improve your application in order to always fit better to your customer's needs. An application that appeals to its users means a better reputation for your brand but also even more users; a five-stars rated application always brings new users everyday!


2. Distribute and test

In a few minutes, you will have an application able to retrieve for you in-app feedback from your users, developers, testers, and so on. What you just have to do is to distribute your application with our SDK installed and configured in it to whoever you want to test your project.

How does Snappview work ?

  • Your users can provide you direct feedback by shaking their phone. You can also program when they will be asked to provide feedback.
  • Whenever Snappview is triggered, the user can choose to comment or draw on a screenshot before commenting it.
  • Then they just have to define a level of importance related to their feedback and you will find each feedback on


Thanks to its system "shake-draw-comment", Snappview is easy to handle for testers. They just need their smartphone and no additional app. Whenever the want to provide you feedback or when they reach one of your checkpoints, they just have to shake their phone. They can even draw on the screenshots! The test can be performed anywhere, anytime in real conditions. Thanks to its platform, Snappview allows to easily retrieve the results and makes things simple for developers to interprate them.



Professional in Usability Testing, Snappview thinks differently and thus reinvents the mobile applications testing. For the best applications, you need the best tools possible.
Feedback matters!



Snappview allows you to quickly retrieve precise feedbacks from your testers. Sorted feedbacks by importance let you know in a few seconds what and where to improve in your application. Snappview, always close to your needs!